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The Question of Evil
Many years ago, Hollywood made a movie about Eric Ericsson, who spied on the Nazis in World War II. Ericsson was a Swedish businessman who had many contacts in Germany; after the war began, and taking advantage of Swedish neutrality, he kept up those contacts, only now he was working in secret for the Allies. In the movie, which was based on a book about his espionage, no one at all–his wife, his parents, his friends–knew what he was doing. All of them were horrified at his overly pro-Nazi sentiments, but he had no choice but to lead them on.

In the movie (called The Counterfeit Traitor) there was a scene in a restaurant where an old business friend, a Jewish man, approached Eric?s table. Immediately, and publicly, Eric began berating him, saying loudly and rudely that he didn?t want to talk with him and that he didn?t do business with Jewish ?scum, or something to that effect. However much he hated doing it, Eric had to make everyone believe he was fervently pro-Nazi; otherwise, not only what his espionage in danger, his life was as well.

After the meal, as Eric was leaving, the Jewish man walked past him quickly, handed him a note, and left. Carefully, Eric opened the note, which said something to the effect of, I don?t know why you are doing this, but I will never believe that this is how you really feel. If there is anything I can do to help you, let me know. The counterfeit traitor burned the note and moved on.

Now, I bring up this account to introduce what?s admittedly a difficult topic: the question of evil, and human suffering. Evil and suffering themselves are difficult enough, but when you, as I do, believe that we are here because of a loving, caring, powerful God, the question get a little more difficult. If we took the prevailing scientific view of the world, then it?s not so hard to explain. Pain and suffering are the results of what happens when we live in a world created purely by chance, a world and a universe with no purpose or intention in mind. We just happen to be in a universe that doesn?t care about us, and the forces of nature and chance and so forth have just happened to create a world where there?s a great deal of pain and suffering. It all means nothing because the world itself means nothing; it has just turned out this way and, one day the world and us and all that we have ever stood for or accomplished will vanish into nothingness.

On the other hand, if you believe in a loving, powerful God, the question of pain and suffering gets a little dicier, a little more difficult, because how do you reconcile the seemingly endless train of human suffering and woe-?sickness, war, disease, crime, depravity, natural disaster?with a loving God who is in control? It?s a good question, one that humans have been struggling with for thousands of years. Three centuries before Christ, a Greek named Epicurus wrote: Is God willing to prevent evil

Why Accounting homework is difficult?

There are several reasons due to which student struggles with accounting homework.

  • The first reason is the mathematical numbers used in abundance.
  • The second reason is the pressure that the generated results put on the accountant.
  • Generated results are important to the regulators and investors for taking crucial decisions about the company.
Due to the above-mentioned cause.

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